Let me introduce myself

Well, here I go- my first ever “blog”.

Perhaps I should introduce myself….. Until December 2012 I was Consultant Physiotherapist, the clinical and research lead for renal and pulmonary rehabilitation, at Kings College NHS Foundation Trust. In January 2013 my husband and I moved to San Pedro de Alcantara, a gorgeous Spanish town near Marbella.  I still work for Kings College but I am now incredibly fortunate to act as the research support for non-medic research. Even better I can do this remotely (along with frequent trips back to the UK).

I am primarily known for my research concerning the evaluation of pulmonary rehabilitation (exercise and education for people with respiratory problems) but more generally and clinically I am experienced in the  delivery of exercise for people with a variety of chronic health problems; lung cancer, breast cancer and multiple myeloma, people with chronic renal failure and chronic heart failure. I am the physio for exercise and chronic ill health – if you like.

And, I guess that’s what I am wanting to focus on in this blog. I have spent the last few decades researching, writing about, publishing and delivering exercise for people with chronic ill health but now what I hope to do is get some of this knowledge, and information out there, a bit more widely. It occurred to me recently, that as health professionals we are very good at promoting our message among our peers, publishing in important journals, attending conferences and so on, and yet the message remains largely unheard in the population where it most matters- for the people living with a chronic illness.

It goes without saying that this is a personal blog. I suspect the legal terminology is something along the lines of ” any views expressed are those of the individual and not the organisation she/he belongs to”. I am not entirely sure, suffice to say this is not an NHS blog, this blog is not supported by any NHS organisation, this is not hosted by my work place, this is me exploring a new world!

What I hope to do with this blog, is to raise awareness of the benefits of Physiotherapeutic exercises for people with chronic ill health. People with chronic ill health, especially breathing or heart problems, are often unaware of how beneficial Physiotherapy can be for them. Some Physiotherapy techniques focus on helping people improve their breathing pattern, other treatments help people develop stronger muscles and increase their exercise tolerance. In this blog, I will post fillers, brief reviews of relevant articles, snippets of information and health related articles. I will, if I can, help direct readers to relevant publications and at times explain important research in terms that we can all understand!

And now that I am living in Spain, I’m sure, many of the posts will relate to this glorious climate that I am fortunate to enjoy.

I hope that you will  find the information I post useful and informative, I’m looking forward to this new way of communicating!.