What’s this blog all about?

Healthy stuff really! If an article or snippet of news relating to health issues catches my eye, I generally want to share it. This blog will provide a brief synopsis of articles I might read and find interesting or just provide information on relevant health related topics. I´m quite eclectic so expect a good range of issues!

Who is this blog for?

Anyone really, but it will primarily be of interest to people living with a long term illness such as kidney or breathing problems, chronic heart failure, high blood pressure and for people recovering from cancer (post surgery or chemotherapy).

Who am I?

Dr Rachel Garrod -a consultant physiotherapist and international expert in the field of pulmonary rehabilitation (exercise and education for people with long standing respiratory disease such as emphysema/ Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

I am a trained smoking cessation counsellor and provide evidenced based smoking cessation programmes in Marbella Spain.

I write health related articles and fillers for Home and Lifestyle Magazine.

I also leture and teach internationally, most recently giving the Key Note lecture at the Irish Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Dublin and shortly I am off to run a two day conference in London on chronic cough and COPD: Wish me luck!